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i'm usually pretty good about getting things done...even though i like to play at being a lazy good for nothing. however, today, i realized that i have achieved slackerdom during the past two weeks. mostly because the saints amazing super bowl run has me reading, watching, considering, and dancing saints most of the day. here's what i woke up to this morning:

-the clean laundry sitting on our couch (been there for 2 days now). i washed it but never got around to folding it...ps this is my favorite "chore"
-my personal and online calendar not being updated past 2/7. which means two work schedules, several music events, my mom's visit to flagstaff, and our upcoming trip to la and philly are left to float in the wind somewhere in the far corners of my subconscious.
-piles of jazz and blues cds on the desk and floor, pulled out for motivational whodat reasons, need to be put in their right place (2 weeks laying loose)
-the pile on my side of the bed containing items from our nola trip 2 weeks ago, music meant for practicing, more clean clothes, two pairs of shoes, a belt, and three books i started reading
-2 weeks of receipts to log into the budget, along with the inner workings of my 'wallet' strewn across the desk
-a pile of 6 newspapers i bought the day of and the day after the superbowl
-a dishwasher full of clean dishes, and a sink full of dirty dishes...also 3 cookbooks strewn on the counter from the chilaquiles experiment

meanwhile...i will leave you with the one thing i was actually able to get done. my audition video for the 2010 harrower summer opera workshop at georgia state. it includes me singing in nau's production of rape of lucretia (2009), ahmal in winslow (2009), and at g.s.u my first aria ever (2004). hope you enjoy a little of what i've been up too. hopefully this is enough to get me into the workshop. who says you can't go home again?

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