here we go again

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time left in flagstaff? 15 days.

what a ride...literally. we're getting ready to hit the road back to atlanta for the summer of watching the world cup from the pool. got kind of a different strategy this year. when we came to flagstaff, we threw everything into a budget truck and towed the car. this time, we're using a moving company to move most of our stuff to philly, and we're taking the car (filled with junk) to atlanta.

packing the car will be a challenge. so far we're taking the folding bike, a guitar, a guitar amp, jenny's clothes, my clothes, food, water, a flashlight, my makeup, a bottle of knob creek, and most importantly...the frisk.

as you can see from this photo, mr. frisky has a moving house. he was not terribly excited about that situation...but hopefully he will like the second trip a little better, seeing as we're a family now (as opposed to before when he had only lived with us for a few months).

we've got a few auditions in philly...jenny and i are auditioning for the philadelphia singers, and i have an audition with the philly opera chorus. not to mention jenny is and will be making trips up there to wrangle some serious musical employment.

crazy to be on the move again.