flying nola

nola breakfast
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jenny and i had a wild weekend. nola was our destination, for jenny's interview with teachnola. all told, we spent 27 ours traveling to and from new orleans, and 25 hours in new orleans. during her interview on saturday, i went to one of our old family spots in the quarter. croissant d'or on ursaline street. what you see (from left to right) is a napolean, tomato-cheese-potato gratin, and black coffee. i was tempted to buy a king cake, take it back to the hotel room, and have a feast...but i didn't have enough time to waste an afternoon in gluttony. at least not in the hotel room.


  1. Ah, Ben. Your blue eyed Dad now has green eyes, green from envy. We spent many a happy Saturday morning at Croissant d'or when you and Katie were children.

    I'll be there in March for four days and will try to eat at some of the places you may have missed, as well as this one you didn't miss.


  2. just make sure you call me to gloat while you're doing it