no whammies!

well it's done...mostly. stingray and i just got home from an extended vacation to los angeles and philadelphia. it was a much needed break from jenny's grad school existence and my coffee shop non-existence. hanging out with friends in sunny california can really help to knock the edge off of an exhausting, sneaux up to your eyeballs, arrgh winter. new babies with tired mommies help you to see the future. which for us, seems to be philadelphia.

>one never really knows exactly what's in store when they move to a new city and take on a new role. kind of like hitting the button in press your luck. one square is $4,000 and a spin, another is a sneaky whammy (whatever the hell they are) waiting to take all yo' cash. you never know until you hit that button. it's also important to frame moving in the right light in your mind. "certainty" about any new place can be disheartening when eden turns out to be oz (the bad oz with the scary mean trees)

flagstaff has been a wonderful place in many ways. we got married, jenny got a masters, and i got career direction (quite an achievement). however, it also contained the most insane winter we ever want to go through (twice), the creation of the new latin phrase 'pawdiemrapeh',and the infamous horse dance. so, am i being a glass half empty guy by putting this picture next to the flagstaff section? i mean, dear god it's insanely beautiful. we had a beautiful, friend filled wedding. and yet, it's been so difficult on so many fronts right now it feels like a big fat whammy.

philly has lots of promise. we are planning on auditioning for several music groups, hope to start trying for kids, and will love to root for the most awesome football team ever from day one! and we'll officially be moving there sometime in august. and hope to nail down the time frame once jenny accepts a job (which is kind of tricky...but shows some promise already in march). she'll be teaching again, i'll be gigging and preparing for grad school (hello temple)...so there are lots of things to look forward too. hopefully we'll do it right. join or die!

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