Our house on Sunday

We have an intense football rivalry here in Hutkinston. Stingray grew up in Atlanta, I grew up in New Orleans. She loves the Falcons, I love the Saints. Now...we have come to an agreement on mutual love and respect for each others teams...but I used to HATE the Falcons. They beat us like a drum in the 90's (once in the playoffs). Now, it's a different story. I can't bring myself to hate something that is such a big part of someone I love. Even if it is dirty and birdlike.

The one team that Stingray and I both do not appreciate is DirectTV. The above commercial is amazing...and makes us laugh. But their grip on NFL out of market broadcasts is offensive. We will not buy DirectTV, not ever. Instead we listen on the radio to our hometown broadcast teams...while watching the local game on mute. Not a perfect situation, but it's a lot better than blowing lots of cash at a football bar and being around steeler fans (sorry Kim and Frank, you're just loud). Dirty Bird can't fly with a broken wing.

This week...both our teams are on our TV sunday. yessssssss

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