Mr. Frisky and Alarm Clocks

The above video doesn't actually have anything to do with Alarm Clocks, or sleeping. It's just our cat being cute. We love him very much...except for lately between 430 and 530 a.m. when he's meowing his BRAINS out very loudly. In the past he's been very aware of the Alarm and how it works. When it goes off in the morning, that would be his cue to jump up on the bed, say hello with a soft meow, and then nuzzle our faces and maybe sometimes lick my armpit (I don't know why he's into that...he can only get away with it if I'm still asleep). But lately, before the Clock goes off he jumps up on our upstairs hand-rail (where he can look down onto our bed) and loudly begs for us to get up. I think he's demanding breakfast...but he's going to get more breakfast than he can handle if he keeps this up.

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