new day zero

our friends ryan, cindy, and emily jane are going away. not forever...just for a couple of years. they are going to the philippines as missionaries for the cooperative baptist fellowship. they have a blog 'www.clarksgo.org'...and a twitter, facebook, you name it. also they have to raise most of their own funding. so we decided to help them out. got together a couple of friends, put together a little band, and threw a party/fundraiser. i think we raised two trillion dollars, and put down a few as well. a good time for sure.

it's bittersweet to help your friends leave the country for two years. i imagine we feel now as they must have felt when we left for flagstaff two years ago...happy for your loved one's opportunity, and sad they'll be away from you for awhile. the song in this video 'new day zero' is us (thanks mary o. and govind for joining the one-night-band) playing a song written by jason of casper and the cookies. their album 'modern silence' is my album of the year. the song could be about drug use, a breakup, moving, brain surgery, rehab, or cancer...but more than anything i think it's about saying goodbye. we miss you cindy, ryan, and emily jane.

new day zero by jason nesmith of casper and the cookies.
from their album modern silence.
covered by hutkins plus 2 at the keg party for jesus

Lyrics to New Day Zero :
One hundred billion neurons fire in tribute to your name.
My temporal lobe has taken hostage of my brain.

We’ll I’ve paid half up front
Tomorrow’s my new day zero
When I’ll be free

I won’t miss my perfect childhood
We’re long since estranged.
Now it’s just collateral damage
In the scalpel’s range

I’m sick; I know that now.
Tomorrow’s my new day zero
When I’ll be free from you.

The Redwood Forest
All gone, all gone

We’ll, I’ve paid half up front
Tomorrow’s my new day zero
When I’ll be free
I’ll be free
I’ll be free
From you

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  1. cool. I love that song. we don't play it much lately.