goodbye 2009

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hard to believe it's 2010. there are still a couple of hours left before it's official here...but really it's hard to imagine. think back to what people must have felt back in 1910. now that seems so long ago. there were no planes (for the most part), no television, no internet. our lives have changed so much!

i'm happy 2010 is here. lots of crazy adventures happened in 2009. the best was our wedding. those few weeks were the best weeks of my life. i also got to do 3 opera roles...and be conducted by jenny in one of them. lots of fun.

this picture is a picture of the winslow theater in winslow, az. you're looking at the beginnings of a stage...in front of a movie screen. it was, until a few weeks before our show there, a working movie theater. apparently there was some kind of drug craziness there or something, and the place was shut down.

we went on to do two performances of amahl and the night visitors in this space...and boy was it a show. the stage was painted black, stars were hung up on the walls, and music was made. not sure menotti would have been terribly pleased with us. as with every show, there were good and iffy moments...but in the end i was glad we took part.

now we're putting away 2009 like we put away amahl. they are both done. onward to a new year and hopefully many more tuneful performances!

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